What exactly is search engine advertising?

Search engine advertising, also called Search Engine Advertising (SEA), is done to rank high in search results by simply displaying ads on certain searches. And because we choose which searches to display those ads on, we can reach your ideal customers very specifically. That's what makes SEA incredibly effective.

 Directly at the top
Directly at the top

With the right keywords and the right ads, we immediately attract more visitors to your website. Even with a small budget.

 Maximum ROI
Maximum ROI

With smart bidding strategies, we provide more visibility, more visitors or more conversions. Or all three at the same time.

 Endless targeting
Endless targeting

With Google Ads, we can (re)target your target audience very effectively. This way, you often earn back your investment in no time.

Our working method

Step 1 - Analysis

A good start is half the battle. Also with Google Ads. That's why we first extensively investigate where your opportunities lie.

Set up account
Step 2 - Set up account

A properly set up account makes your results visible. Oh, and it lowers the cost-per-click (CPC). Also not unimportant.

Setting up campaigns
Step 3 - Setting up campaigns

We set up effective campaigns. Complete with the right bidding strategy, smart keywords and irresistible ads.

Measuring & adjusting
Step 4 - Measuring & adjusting

We measure the results and continuously adjust based on the data. That way, your campaigns will always get better and better.

More than 100 entrepreneurs went before you. From self-employed professionals to multinationals.

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Advertising at the right time

With Google Ads, you can advertise at the right time. Coming into view at the moment your ideal client needs you. It doesn't get any better ... or does it! Because search engine advertising delivers results faster than SEO. You also have more control over your visibility and the effects are easier to track. So tell me, what's stopping you?

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Search engine advertising (SEA)

More results, less costs.

Google prefers to dish out the best content to its users. That's what the search engine rewards you for. Ads also fall under that content, so you pay less for all the advertising if your ads are relevant and the experience on your website is optimal. So by optimizing your campaigns and ads all sour, we bring costs down - and clicks and conversions up.

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Search engine advertising (SEA)

Advertise in the search engine as well?

Are you going to keep advertising in the local paper or do you want to reach a lot of new customers? Exactly. That's what we thought.

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OMA's latest reviews

Review Stichting koffieluitjes Ede
"For the Koffieluitjes Ede Foundation, OMA makes monthly unpaid hours. For example, they help with our website, but also think along with our social media. They think along with fun, playful actions that we can use to give our foundation more visibility and that may generate more donations. We experience the cooperation as very nice!"
Stichting koffieluitjes Ede -
Review Radar Advice
"OMA in 3 words from our perspective: objective (and optimistic), multidisciplinary (and courageous) and attentive (and adamant). Since working with OMA, we have an expert partner who takes us by the hand in the online SEO world. "
Radar Advice -
Review Kim Stein
"Daniel is blood fanatic, purposeful and keenly aware of the influence of a good website. Give that boy a soccer at times and he comes into his own."
Kim Stein - Owner - Entrepreneurs in Business
Review Ali Ozer
"I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for our collaboration on my website. I am very happy with the result and would like to thank the team OMA for their excellent service and professionalism throughout the process."
Ali Ozer - Owner of Golden Wod
Review John Giezen
"Daniel Kuipers = SEO. I attended a customized highly professional Online Marketing in-house training with Daniel. The training gives you all the baggage to then make a flying start on your own at already an extremely high online marketing level. I enjoyed this quality training given by a very knowledgeable pleasant personality."
John Giezen - Head of Marketing & Communications - NIZO
Review Jasper LeSuis
"Daniel (along with his rapidly growing team) is a gem within the online marketing world! Full of knowledge, enthusiastic, driven, result-oriented and just a really nice guy. I am happy that we have been working together on the online marketing of for some time now."
Jasper LeSuis - Owner ViaVector
Review Roy Hammink
"Getting great results with our website. Fine and fast communication, clear overview of work and results every month. I would definitely recommend OMA for your own business."
Roy Hammink - Owner Hammink Fietsplezier
Review Victor Mooren
"The investment of a lifetime in terms of SEO marketing. The free SEO scan he offered was very valuable to figure out how to take my website and content to the next level."
Victor Mooren - Founder -
Review Roel Spans
"OMA has been our marketing agency for the online experience of Vormz for some time now. They help us with the website, blogs, SEO and always come up with innovative ideas. We are very satisfied. Visitor numbers on the website are increasing and we are really being found much better in Google."
Roel Spans - Owner Vormz
Review Marieke Stuivenberg
"At Tesqua, we enjoy helping people achieve their athletic goals. We do this based on our strategy of "surprisingly personal & surprisingly versatile." This is how we came in contact with OMA. In a tremendously personal way, Daniel and the team at OMA help us achieve our digital goals."
Marieke Stuivenberg - Owner of Tesqua
Review Helmert van Reenen
"Pleasant collaboration with OMA! Specialists in their field!"
Helmert van Reenen - Owner and art director Mooimerk
Review Furkan
"Our cooperation is very pleasant. We have the flexibility to consult regularly and make adjustments as needed to get the maximum return from our ads."
Furkan - Owner MP Brows