What exactly is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing where you pay publishers or content creators commission for a particular action. Think of bringing in a sale, a lead or simply a new visitor to your website. Your product, service or company is thus found by new people and immediately recommended by someone they trust. That sounds like an incredibly effective marketing technique ... and it is.

 Reach new people
Reach new people

Affiliates have regular visitors. Their own target audience. By working together, you can reach those people too. A new market!

 Low risk
Low risk

You often pay your partners a commission per desired action. Per click or per sale. That keeps the risk low. And so do the costs.

 More confidence
More confidence

Publishers are established names in their industry. When they promote your products, your reputation gets a big boost!

Our working method

Figure out network
Step 1 - Figure out network

There are now many affiliate networks. We know them and will help you find the network that best suits your business.

Set up account
Step 2 - Set up account

We set up your merchant account and set everything up completely right away. With banners, tracking and more. Ready to go!

Launching campaigns
Step 3 - Launching campaigns

In no time we launch your campaigns. Of course with a fair commission model that makes influencers hot.

Step 4 - Keeping track

We track results and support publishers where we can. This is how we really get the most out of your campaign.

More than 100 entrepreneurs went before you. From self-employed professionals to multinationals.

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Return on investment

Affiliate marketing is flexible. You can easily scale up - or down - your programs. Because you only pay for actions that generate revenue anyway, you keep the risk and the cost per conversion low. Moreover, your partners are in your industry and therefore have readers, visitors or followers who are interested in your product anyway. In short, all the ingredients for a high ROI!

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Affiliate marketing

Quickly increase traffic

With affiliate marketing, you get more traffic quickly. This is because you use established blogs to attract more visitors to your own website. As a result, you don't have to compete for those top positions in Google or wait endlessly for your own content to be indexed. Moreover, you increase your visibility, which means people will also search for your business outside of affiliates. Even more traffic!

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Affiliate marketing

Also start affiliate marketing?

We help large and small businesses set up effective affiliate programs and take their marketing to the next level. Discover now what we can do for you, too.

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"For the Koffieluitjes Ede Foundation, OMA makes monthly unpaid hours. For example, they help with our website, but also think along with our social media. They think along with fun, playful actions that we can use to give our foundation more visibility and that may generate more donations. We experience the cooperation as very nice!"
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Review John Giezen
"Daniel Kuipers = SEO. I attended a customized highly professional Online Marketing in-house training with Daniel. The training gives you all the baggage to then make a flying start on your own at already an extremely high online marketing level. I enjoyed this quality training given by a very knowledgeable pleasant personality."
John Giezen - Head of Marketing & Communications - NIZO
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"Very fine organization with fine people who have passion for their profession and are 100% committed!"
Martin Eefting - Owner of GoHashtag
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"Fine partner to work with!"
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"Getting great results with our website. Fine and fast communication, clear overview of work and results every month. I would definitely recommend OMA for your own business."
Roy Hammink - Owner Hammink Fietsplezier
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"OMA helped us excellently with setting up Google Analytics 4 and reporting (Looker Studio) for our used machine websites. In a proactive and inspiring way. This solution allows us to monitor our websites on well and adjust as needed."
Rutger Sikma - Project Manager E-commerce
Review Roel Spans
"OMA has been our marketing agency for the online experience of Vormz for some time now. They help us with the website, blogs, SEO and always come up with innovative ideas. We are very satisfied. Visitor numbers on the website are increasing and we are really being found much better in Google."
Roel Spans - Owner Vormz
Review Walter Jurrius
"In OMA I have found a fine agency with driven professionals who keep their appointments neatly, nothing but praise! I will remain a customer for a while."
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Review Sylvia Bruning
"I have now been working with OMA for several years to my complete satisfaction. They think with me and take work off my hands. I actually have more leads and am better found through the internet. Thank you OMA!"
Sylvia Bruning - Owner - LEAD WITH LEF
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"Very good experiences with OMA. Since outsourcing our online marketing to Daniel Kuipers, Nicole and the rest of his team, we are getting more results. A company with expertise. We highly recommend OMA! Andante Orgels. "
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Review Paul Tribe
"Daniel is a true specialist, his knowledge is vast. What he does is demonstrably reflected in our traffic and interaction on the website. And with his transparent, methodical but above all proactive way of working, he also delivers service. A super partner to work with!"
Paul Stam - Marketing Manager - Lassie
Review Jan Scheele
"How pleased and grateful I am for the comprehensive SEO scan OMA did for me. A jam-packed book full of tips that I started using right away. Very fine communication and I already notice the results. Highly recommended!"
Jan Scheele - Entrepreneur - Keynote speaker - Moderator