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We like to work with short lines of communication. Stop by for a cup of coffee and to go over the figures together? No problem at all! We are also quickly at your location. We take a transparent approach, so you know where your budget is going. An investment that really works. We always recommend the best strategy that fits your goals. Are web design, e-mail marketing, social media, online advertising and conversion optimization relevant additions? Our enthusiastic specialists can take care of this for you down to the last detail.

As an SEO party in Ede, what do you all do?

As an SEO party in Ede, we focus primarily on the three pillars of search engine optimization: technology, content and authority. This means that we get your website in order technically, create optimized content and ensure a strong link profile with link building. But you also engage us for local SEO, a migration or setting up Google Analytics!

As an SEO party, what sets you apart from the rest?

Above all, we are honest and transparent. We do not promise you golden mountains or number 1 positions in Google, but first check whether your goals are achievable at all and what is possible. That way you know exactly what to expect and you won't be disappointed afterwards.

Why should you get started with SEO?

SEO still works well because everyone simply uses Google to find products or services. Both B2B and B2C. By getting started with search engine optimization, you attract more visitors to your website - and therefore often more potential customers. That ultimately drives more sales. Plus, it allows you to spend less on paid advertising!

Growth of interesting visitors to your website
Growth of interesting visitors to your website

A better ranking in the search engine, that's what we go for. Obviously on the keywords your potential customers are searching for. Improve your online position and outsmart the competition.

Local SEO Ede and beyond
Local SEO Ede and beyond

We are based in Ede and know the area like the back of our hand. But whether you want to be findable locally or throughout the Netherlands, it doesn't matter to us. We go for a customized strategy.

Good long-term strategy
Good long-term strategy

You would like to profit from your investment for as long as possible, so that it still pays off years later. Don't waste expensive advertising budgets but choose a long-term strategy with us.

Our working method

Scan & Analysis
Step 1 - Scan & analysis

We always start with a 0 measurement, so we have a good idea of where we are now and what is needed to reach the goal (or more!). Of course, we also include competitors in this scan. We want to beat those.

Technical optimization
Step 2 - Technical optimization

A website that is technically sound has a positive impact on search engine rankings. That's why we get the basics right, so that we can start picking up ranking points there. Your visitors are happy too, because this way the user-friendliness of the website goes up.

Content & link building
Step 3 - Content & link building

In addition, content and link building are also essential parts of a good SEO strategy. This is how we make the website findable and attractive. Of course, with clear call-to-action, so you can grow your sales.

Step 4 - Monitoring

SEO we like to make measurable. By making figures transparent, we get a good picture of the results we have delivered. Is adjustment needed, for example due to developments in the market? Then we respond immediately.

More than 100 entrepreneurs went before you. From self-employed professionals to multinationals.

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A website that works for you

Are you more than tired of cold acquisition and those hours of networking meetings? Have you wasted too much budget on flyers and other advertising that doesn't work? A strong website will do the job! We set up your website so that it works for you, instead of the other way around. A website that after efficient work actually shows results. So that at some point, those visitors trickle in by themselves. With thorough SEO, those potential customers will always be within reach.

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You may have already tried to improve your website yourself, but without the desired results. Or you simply don't make time for it. Whatever your reason, if you really want results from your website, we invite you to sit down with us. We're local and very excited to work with local business owners. So do you want to focus on SEO in Ede and surrounding areas, or nationwide? Then don't hesitate to contact us!

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