What does the abbreviation OMA stand for?

The abbreviation OMA stands for Online Marketing Agency. But OMA, of course, sounds much nicer. And it is also faster. That makes a difference. Especially if you say it as often as we do.

How long has OMA been around?

Most grandmothers are quite old. Our OMA is not. That one is from 2017. In that year, Daniel registered with the Chamber of Commerce. After graduating on July 1, 2018, he started working full-time and built his agency into what it is today: a cozy OMA with a load of knowledge and experience.

Why did Daniel ever start OMA?

Before Daniel started his own business, he worked at three different online marketing agencies. But at each agency he found that something was not going well. At one agency the quality of the work was substandard, and at another there was little or no customer contact. There must be room for improvement, he thought.

Since when does OMA have employees?

Since January 1, 2020, Pelle has been supporting Daniel with content. And barely a month later, Tom started as a search engine marketing specialist. Since then we have been growing even faster and new interns and online marketers are constantly blowing in. With wind force 10.

Where is OMA located?

OMA is located in Ede. The place to be. For online marketing then.

What is your expertise?

OMA once started with a focus on SEO. That will always be our core business. But in the last two years we have also worked very hard to reach the same level with our SEA services. So by now we're pretty good at everything search engine marketing, if we do say so ourselves.

What kind of services do you all offer?

In addition to SEO and SEA, we also deal with email marketing, conversion optimization and social media advertising. So basically everything you need to be found and to attract customers.

Do you work with subscriptions and contracts?

Online marketing has to keep up with you. That's why we prefer to work with you on a monthly basis. In that sense, we like to make a subscription with you. That way you know where you stand and we get the best results. But we are just as happy to do individual projects. In any case, you're never stuck with anything. No annual contracts or strangling contracts. That's nice.

What is the notice period of the subscription?

You have a notice period of 1 month with our subscriptions.

Do you work with strict contracts full of fine print?

No. We like to keep it fun and understandable. But, of course, we do have terms and conditions.

What sets you apart from other agencies?

We are ourselves the best findable online marketing agency in the Netherlands (did someone say 'practice what you preach'?). We are young, creative and love a good relationship with our clients. Oh, and of course we deliver great work. Check out our 35+ reviews. And yes, they are from real people!

Do you work with an account manager or do I have direct contact with the specialist?

Currently, you speak directly to your specialist. But of course, he or she must also have time to do his or her job instead of playing help desk or making sales calls. So it could well be that someday you will have to deal with an account manager.

Can I call you anytime?

Yeah, sure. As long as it's during office hours. We also just want to plop down on the couch at night to finally finish that Netflix series.

Do you work for competing companies in the same region? / How do you deal with that?

Current clients are given priority. Therefore, we only work for competitors if our current customer gives permission. So we always check with you to see if that's a problem. It's only fair.

What amounts should I think of if I want to work with you?

Hard to say. What do you want to achieve? And do you want to outsource everything or do you still want to (continue to) do things yourself? Those are all things we need to know before we can determine what we will do for you and how much it will cost you.

Are you transparent in the work you do and the hours you put in?

Sure. We keep track of our hours internally. And accurately, too. If you have any questions about the number of hours worked, call or email us right away. We'll be happy to share it with you.

Who do you all work for?

We work for small and large. For B2B and B2C. For local and international. Above all, we find it important that there is a click. And trust. The rest will work out.

I want to have my website optimized but am a ZZP'er / small business owner. Is that a problem?

No. That doesn't have to be a problem. It just depends on your product, your margins, your target group and how many hours you have available per week. That determines whether we can make it profitable.

Do you also work on a no cure no pay basis?

No. And we'll explain why here.

Are you an independent agency?

Yes, we are completely independent. Daniel is 100% owner of OMA. So no crazy American investors blinded by the annual figures. Luckily, because that way we can just focus on what we're good at and what we love doing most: online marketing ♥

What do you all do in continuing education?

We hold a weekly knowledge session, read some blogs in bed at night and write ourselves about the new things we've learned. On top of that, everyone at OMA makes use of €1500 training budget per year and 2 senior online marketers with 10+ years of experience also jump in from time to time. The heroes.

Can I intern at OMA?

If we have room, yes. You can find job openings at

Is the answer to your question not listed?

Contact us for free and without obligation. We don't bite. Mostly.