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SEO involves a lot of factors. It starts with a website that is technically sound. We ensure excellent user-friendliness and, if desired, we will also help you create a new web design. By creating and optimizing attractive landing pages, we ensure that potential customers know how to find your products or services. And that they actually take action, thanks to a clear call-to-action.

As an SEO party in Veenendaal, what do you all do?

As an SEO party in Veenendaal, we focus primarily on the three pillars of search engine optimization: technology, content and authority. This means that we make your website technically sound, create optimized content and ensure a strong link profile with link building. But you also engage us for local SEO, a migration or setting up Google Analytics!

As an SEO party, what sets you apart from the rest?

Above all, we are honest and transparent. We do not promise you golden mountains or number 1 positions in Google, but first check whether your goals are achievable at all and what is possible. That way you know exactly what to expect and you won't be disappointed afterwards.

Why should you get started with SEO?

SEO still works well because everyone simply uses Google to find products or services. Both B2B and B2C. By getting started with search engine optimization, you attract more visitors to your website - and therefore often more potential customers. That ultimately drives more sales. Plus, it allows you to spend less on paid advertising!

A website that works for you
A website that works for you

Done working on your website to no effect? We provide a website that works for you, so you reach potential customers and increase your sales.

Local SEO Veenendaal and beyond
Local SEO Veenendaal and beyond

Whether you want to focus your services or products on the Veenendaal area or look beyond these borders, we know how to turn every objective into an effective strategy and approach

Sustainable strategy now and over time
Sustainable strategy now and over time

With SEO, you opt for long-term results, so that you continue to benefit from your investment years later. After all, you want your website to be and stay profitable.

Our working method

Scan & Analysis
Step 1 - Scan & analysis

Our SEO process always starts with a comprehensive scan of your website. How are you doing, and -not less important- how are your competitors doing? Based on the analysis, we can formulate the right approach.

Technical optimization
Step 2 - Technical optimization

Then we set the foundation of your website right. We make sure it works optimally on every device. And that the sitespeed is up to par, so visitors don't drop out because they have to wait too long for a page to load.

Content & link building
Step 3 - Content & link building

We do a keyword analysis to find out what your potential customers are searching for. We also use the most important focus words for link building. In this way, we can give these keywords more value, so you rank higher.

Step 4 - Monitoring

Of course you want to see results, and that's what we value at OMA. We substantiate our choices and show you what works using figures. We monitor developments in the market so that we can be the first to respond to them.

More than 100 entrepreneurs went before you. From self-employed professionals to multinationals.

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Full-service SEO in Veenendaal

Let us help you achieve success with your website and avoid spending hours of time on strategies that don't work. Or that you waste expensive budgets and precious time on flyers and cold acquisition. Besides SEO, we can also support you with other things. For example, if you want more reach on social media, or want to complement your SEO with SEA campaigns for a quick boost of a certain action. Online marketing is customized and that is reflected in our approach.

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Would you like to sit down with us? You are more than welcome to spar with us over a cup of coffee, and we can also visit you in Veenendaal. We have a hands-on mentality and love challenges. So do you feel that there is no way you can outpace your competitors? Chances are you can! Contact us now to discuss your SEO question.

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