Why advertise on Marketplace Admarkt?

Good question, because people mainly search for used products through the platform. At least, that's what you would think. In practice, it turns out that people just search for products. Whether they are secondhand or new doesn't really matter. As long as your product meets all the consumer's requirements, you have just as good a chance as Carla's Marketplace ad three blocks away. Maybe even bigger!

Millions of potential buyers
Millions of potential buyers

Marketplace has thousands - if not millions - of visitors every day. There are a lot of potential buyers among them. To be sure.

High conversions
High conversions

Marketplace visitors are already ready to buy. So you don't have to convince them first. That makes Admarkt incredibly effective.

Smaller competition
Smaller competition

Marketplaces like or Amazon hardly advertise on Marktplaats. So you are often only competing with smaller companies!

Our working method

Step 1 - Analyze

We first check what exactly your target audience is looking for and where there are opportunities. That's how we increase the chances of success.

Set up account
Step 2 - Set up account

We set up an account for Marktplaats Business or immediately set everything up to advertise with Admarkt Pro. Whatever you want!

Creating campaigns
Step 3 - Create campaigns

We select the right categories and write smart titles and descriptions. Or we'll load your entire product feed right away.

Monitoring & adjusting
Step 4 - Monitoring & adjusting

We want to know what works. What runs well. So do you. That's why we monitor results and adjust where necessary.

More than 100 entrepreneurs went before you. From self-employed professionals to multinationals.

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Also for increased brand awareness

Yes, we are using Marketplace Admarkt for your products. Or services. But we are just as happy to design and place a few effective banners to attract the attention of your target audience. To put your company, products or services in the spotlight. This way, potential buyers get to know you and/or your company. That way you always have an edge over Carla from three blocks away (sorry, Carla).

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Marketplace Admarkt

And it could be even better...

Advertising to a buying audience of millions. That must cost something. But on Marktplaats Admarkt, in many cases, it's not so bad. You often pay per click. Only for people who are actually interested in your products or services. Your budget is not absorbed by useless impressions. Exactly what makes the ROI of Marketplace ads so good.

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Marketplace Admarkt

Do you want to advertise on Marketplace?

Yes, of course you want to. We know how to really get the most out of it, and we're happy to help. If you want to do it yourself and if you want to outsource.

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Helmert van Reenen - Owner and art director Mooimerk
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Simonette Wiesman - Sr. Communications consultant a.i. at Laurens - Marcom manager - brand specialist - Project manager
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"Daniel is a true specialist, his knowledge is vast. What he does is demonstrably reflected in our traffic and interaction on the website. And with his transparent, methodical but above all proactive way of working, he also delivers service. A super partner to work with!"
Paul Stam - Marketing Manager - Lassie
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"OMA is an incredibly fine partner to work with. The expertise and know-how of the entire team have helped us meet challenges and achieve goals in recent years. Moreover, we can rely not only on the professional knowledge of the OMA team, but also on the personal focus."
Anne de Boorder - Project manager at Lassie
Review Kim Stein
"Daniel is blood fanatic, purposeful and keenly aware of the influence of a good website. Give that boy a soccer at times and he comes into his own."
Kim Stein - Owner - Entrepreneurs in Business
Review Sylvia Bruning
"I have now been working with OMA for several years to my complete satisfaction. They think with me and take work off my hands. I actually have more leads and am better found through the internet. Thank you OMA!"
Sylvia Bruning - Owner - LEAD WITH LEF
Review Stichting koffieluitjes Ede
"For the Koffieluitjes Ede Foundation, OMA makes monthly unpaid hours. For example, they help with our website, but also think along with our social media. They think along with fun, playful actions that we can use to give our foundation more visibility and that may generate more donations. We experience the cooperation as very nice!"
Stichting koffieluitjes Ede -
Review John Giezen
"Daniel Kuipers = SEO. I attended a customized highly professional Online Marketing in-house training with Daniel. The training gives you all the baggage to then make a flying start on your own at already an extremely high online marketing level. I enjoyed this quality training given by a very knowledgeable pleasant personality."
John Giezen - Head of Marketing & Communications - NIZO