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We perform the SEO scan manually and lovingly. For us, it is craftsmanship, which is why we do not use automatic tools and reports.
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"Daniel is a true specialist, his knowledge is vast. What he does is demonstrably reflected in our traffic and interaction on the website. And with his transparent, methodical and above all proactive way of working, he also delivers service. A super partner to work with!" Paul Stam - Marketing Manager at Lassie

Free SEO scan

You want to rank higher in Google. Attract more visitors. But where should you start? We give you the answer with our free SEO scan. We analyze your website and explain in detail what you can do to score higher in search engines. For example, which technical adjustments you can make. Or where your texts need some extra attention.

  • Full SEO Check (Technique, Content and Authority)
  • User-friendliness
  • Performance
  • Social media
  • Safety

The complete SEO check

During the free SEO scan, we perform a comprehensive SEO check. In doing so, we check how your website is doing in the areas that matter most: technology, content and authority.

How does the SEO check go?

During the SEO check, we use a few handy tools and, most importantly, our sound marketing acumen to see how your website is performing in terms of technology, content and authority. Then we analyze the results and feed back where your opportunities lie. It's that simple.

What exactly do I get?

After requesting the SEO scan, you will receive a report within a few business days with the current numbers and - more importantly - targeted tips that can help your specific website rank higher in Google. And we'll include a free consultation if you have any questions!

Is the SEO scan really free?

Yes, the SEO scan is free. 100%. There are no catches and you're not stuck with anything. We do it because we like it and, of course, because we'd love it if we could help you when you can't figure it out. After all, one of our online marketers probably still has room for a new project.


In the technical analysis, we look at your loading speed, the indexability of your pages and any crawl errors, among other things. We also take a close look at the structure of your website. This will help you lay a solid foundation for higher rankings.


We also look at whether your content is optimized for Google ... and visitors. We not only look at your keywords, meta descriptions and alt-texts, but also check whether your content matches the search intentions of your visitors. After all, you also want more conversions.


When we talk about authority, we are mainly talking about links. Internal links, links to other websites and links from others to your website. We analyze your link profile to see how you can increase your authority and thus gain a better position in Google.

SEO check & analysis in one
SEO check & analysis in one

Sure, we use all kinds of tools to check your website. But we won't bombard you with all those reports full of numbers. No use to you. What does? An extensive data analysis by real online marketers. We therefore first analyze the results of the SEO scan ourselves and convert them into concrete advice and tips to help you get higher in Google. In the short and long term.

And you get this too
And you get this too

You will not only receive the results of the SEO check. We also share with you our findings on usability and security. Because a safe and user-friendly website is just as important. In addition, we also give you an indication of your current performance in Google. That way you know where you can improve your website and you have a baseline measurement when you actually get started.

Bonus: free consultation
Bonus: free consultation

Especially if you are not involved in online marketing on a daily basis, you may not fully understand certain parts of the scan. Or that you're not so sure which steps to take first. We get that. That's why we like to call you after the SEO scan. Just to check whether you still have questions or to give you additional explanation. Piece of service.

Also request a free SEO scan?
Also request a free SEO scan?

Yes, of course you want to get that SEO scan done and receive a free advisory report. Good news: you can. Just fill out the form below and one of our specialists will get back to you as soon as possible!

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