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With SEO, we make sure your business becomes more visible. But not just visible, because of course we go all out to reach the right target group. So that visitors actually become potential customers. We make the website very user-friendly, provide attractive content and, where necessary, boost the results through link building. As a result, the search engine will judge your website as more authoritative. Whether you want to be more visible locally or throughout the country, OMA arranges it for you.

As an SEO party in Utrecht, what do you all do?

As an SEO party in Utrecht, we focus primarily on the three pillars of search engine optimization: technology, content and authority. This means that we make your website technically sound, create optimized content and ensure a strong link profile with link building. But you also engage us for local SEO, a migration or setting up Google Analytics!

As an SEO party, what sets you apart from the rest?

Above all, we are honest and transparent. We do not promise you golden mountains or number 1 positions in Google, but first check whether your goals are achievable at all and what is possible. That way you know exactly what to expect and you won't be disappointed afterwards.

Why should you get started with SEO?

SEO still works well because everyone simply uses Google to find products or services. Both B2B and B2C. By getting started with search engine optimization, you attract more visitors to your website - and therefore often more potential customers. That ultimately drives more sales. Plus, it allows you to spend less on paid advertising!

Getting results from your website
Getting results from your website

With Search Engine Optimization, we increase the findability of your website, so you can bring in more relevant visitors. And that in turn leads to increased sales.

Local SEO Utrecht and beyond
Local SEO Utrecht and beyond

Focus on local clients in Utrecht and the surrounding area, or just a national strategy? We know how to match your goals with the best strategy, whatever your needs.

Long-term sustainable strategy
Long-term sustainable strategy

With SEO, we like to focus on long-term success, so that you benefit from your investment years later. That's why we choose a profitable and sustainable SEO strategy.

Our working method

Scan & Analysis
Step 1 - Scan & analysis

We begin the SEO process with a comprehensive analysis. Where are we now, how are the competitors doing and how are we going to beat them? What areas for improvement are quick wins? Based on a scan, we know the right approach to take.

Technical optimization
Step 2 - Technical optimization

A user-friendly website is one of the most important ranking factors in the search engine. That means improving it so we have a good foundation in place. Consider improving site speed and structure, among other things.

Content & link building
Step 3 - Content & link building

You can get as many visitors to your website as you want, but if they don't end up becoming customers, it's not very effective. We arrange attractive content and ensure that the most important landing pages score better through link building and the use of popular keywords.

Step 4 - Monitoring

Of course, you also want to know if all this works. We can shout all we want, but we'd rather back up the results with figures. And do we see developments in the market? Then we optimize the strategy where necessary.

More than 100 entrepreneurs went before you. From self-employed professionals to multinationals.

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Reaching the desired target audience

Have you experimented with expensive ads in local papers in the past? Done cold acquisition or published some blogs? And are you tired of investing expensive marketing budgets that don't deliver what you'd like? We understand this all too well at OMA. Through years of experience in this industry, our specialists know how to choose an effective approach. A strategy that really works. So you can spend your valuable time on other things, while we ensure that the right target group is reached effectively.

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We work from Ede with a close and enthusiastic team. With many clients in this and the surrounding cities, we are very familiar with the area. Are you looking for an SEO agency that does not shy away from challenges? A contact person who likes to visit you to spar, or someone who takes care of the entire process for you? Then be sure to contact us to sit around the table and make your website a success!

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