What exactly is conversion optimization?

With conversion optimization or CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), you increase the percentage of visitors who perform an action on your website. That can be anything: buying a product, requesting a quote, contacting you or simply subscribing to your newsletter. So with CRO, you get more return from the same number of visitors. Just imagine what will happen if you also attract more visitors with SEO or SEA....

 More sales
More sales

With conversion optimization, we get more sales from the visitors you already have. That in turn saves marketing budget!

 Understanding your target audience
Understanding your target audience

At least as important as more sales: insight. Finding out what really triggers your target group with a few tests.

 Better image
Better image

Conversion optimization → better experience → happier customers → positive reviews → better image. It can be that simple.

Our working method

Step 1 - Analysis

A thorough analysis of your web statistics shows where and why people drop out. That's what we're going to tackle!

A/B testing
Step 2 - A/B testing

With an effective A/B test, we pit your current page against one that is optimized for conversions.

Data collection & reporting
Step 3 - Data collection & reporting

We collect data from the survey for a time and then check which page performs significantly better.

Step 4 - Implementation

We implement the changes that make visitors convert. Can we move right on to the next one!

More than 100 entrepreneurs went before you. From self-employed professionals to multinationals.

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Lower your acquisition costs with CRO

Conversion optimization is important. Because it allows you to lower your acquisition costs and get more value out of visitors or users. Suppose you advertise and bring in 100 visitors a month, 5 of whom become customers. With CRO, you might turn those 5 into 10 customers. Just still with those same 100 visitors and without spending a single cent more ad budget. In fact, your acquisition costs per customer are suddenly halved. Boom!

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Conversion optimization

Bonus: more visitors!

Conversion optimization improves the user experience of your website. And search engines also want to offer searchers the best user experience. Long story short: Google will reward you with a few better rankings if your user experience is optimal. This will get you more visitors and thus even more customers. The conversion knife cuts both ways.

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Conversion optimization

Also get more return from your website?

Then quickly check out what our team of data nerds and CRO specialists can do for you. Just get in touch for that.

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OMA's latest reviews

Review Helmert van Reenen
"Pleasant collaboration with OMA! Specialists in their field!"
Helmert van Reenen - Owner and art director Mooimerk
Review Furkan
"Our cooperation is very pleasant. We have the flexibility to consult regularly and make adjustments as needed to get the maximum return from our ads."
Furkan - Owner MP Brows
Review Wim speek
"Fine partner to work with!"
Wim speek - Owner at HRM Profiles
Review Rutger Sikma
"OMA helped us excellently with setting up Google Analytics 4 and reporting (Looker Studio) for our used machine websites. In a proactive and inspiring way. This solution allows us to monitor our websites on well and adjust as needed."
Rutger Sikma - Project Manager E-commerce
Review Radar Advice
"OMA in 3 words from our perspective: objective (and optimistic), multidisciplinary (and courageous) and attentive (and adamant). Since working with OMA, we have an expert partner who takes us by the hand in the online SEO world. "
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Review Eddie van Ruler
"Daniel Kuipers from OMA made our Website so good that visitors can find the products easily. HTI-RVS has become beautiful site which has allowed us to do more orders. Even in this difficult period we are getting more inquiries and orders. Daniel has the knowledge to become more findable online with the right people."
Eddie van Ruler - Owner of HTI RVS
Review Paul van Rijn
"We got to know Daniel as an inspired entrepreneur. Because we were still unfamiliar with this form of branding, it was nice that Daniel took us by the hand here. Through monthly reports from and contacts with him, we quickly got a better feel for the whole thing."
Paul van Rijn - Founder of BVR Advies
Review Victor Mooren
"The investment of a lifetime in terms of SEO marketing. The free SEO scan he offered was very valuable to figure out how to take my website and content to the next level."
Victor Mooren - Founder -
Review Stichting koffieluitjes Ede
"For the Koffieluitjes Ede Foundation, OMA makes monthly unpaid hours. For example, they help with our website, but also think along with our social media. They think along with fun, playful actions that we can use to give our foundation more visibility and that may generate more donations. We experience the cooperation as very nice!"
Stichting koffieluitjes Ede -
Review Walter Jurrius
"In OMA I have found a fine agency with driven professionals who keep their appointments neatly, nothing but praise! I will remain a customer for a while."
Walter Jurrius -
Review Andante Orgels
"Very good experiences with OMA. Since outsourcing our online marketing to Daniel Kuipers, Nicole and the rest of his team, we are getting more results. A company with expertise. We highly recommend OMA! Andante Orgels. "
Andante Orgels -
Review Paul Tribe
"Daniel is a true specialist, his knowledge is vast. What he does is demonstrably reflected in our traffic and interaction on the website. And with his transparent, methodical but above all proactive way of working, he also delivers service. A super partner to work with!"
Paul Stam - Marketing Manager - Lassie