Serverside tagging is a must

The way we measure and analyze data is constantly changing. An emerging trend that is gaining traction is serverside tagging. It offers marketers more detailed insight into user interactions, which is essential for optimizing marketing campaigns.

Serverside tagging has numerous benefits, including more accurate data representation and improved AVG compliance. In short, serverside tagging is a must-have tool for modern marketers striving for effective and compliant data analytics.

An era without cookies

The era of third-party cookies is nearing its end, causing a shift in online marketing. With increasing privacy awareness and stricter regulations around data protection.

Traditional tracking methods such as cookies are becoming less and less effective. Even problematic. After all, people want more control over their data, and governments are making stricter laws to make sure companies comply.

Thus, cookies as we know them are going to be shaken up. This forces marketers to come up with new approaches that do not rely on cookies. So we need to develop alternative methods of collecting and using data with innovation and creativity.

Marketing as a relationship coach

Marketing as a kind of relationship coach is a funny and apt comparison. Instead of immediately sprinkling offers, you should first take the time to get to know someone in real life. Sort of like a date. But with products and services.

So no rushing sales, but first invest in understanding your client's needs and wants. Just like a good relationship coach does. So marketing is not about quick transactions. It's about building a strong relationship and understanding. So away with those cold sales calls.

More CRO = better

The cost of attracting visitors is rising and data is becoming increasingly scarce. So it is crucial for companies to be flexible. To be able to adjust strategies as needed. For example, by focusing your business more on conversion rate optimization (CRO). By focusing on improving conversion rates, you get more out of your existing traffic and marketing efforts.

Personalization is key

Personalization is also essential in modern marketing. This is because it allows companies to respond to the specific needs and pain points of their target audience. With buyer personas, companies can develop targeted and relevant marketing strategies that match their ideal customers. This results in deeper connections, increased engagement and improved customer loyalty.

See think do care + loyalty

Although the See, Think, Do, Care framework is not a standard part of customer loyalty, it really should be. After all, retaining existing customers is crucial to long-term success. A focus on loyalty as part of your strategy is essential for long-term success.

By thanking customers regularly, such as with a follow-up email a year after their first purchase. This is how you show appreciation and build a strong bond. These small gestures strengthen customer relationships and foster loyalty, which in turn reinforces the value of the See, Think, Do, Care framework.

Google Topics Api

Currently, the Google Topics API is under development. It is expected to become a valuable resource for marketers in the future. This API will reportedly analyze users' search behavior and collect data on the topics they are interested in. Then this data will be aggregated and made available to marketers through various tools and platforms.

With the Google Topics API, marketers can better understand what interests their target audience and tailor their marketing strategies accordingly. When the Google Topics API is available, it will open up opportunities for an even more data-driven and personalized way of communicating with potential customers. Promising.

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